Django Admin Autocomplete JS Library Issues

Just adding a quick post on this here as much of the stuff on various forums (here, here) wasn’t exactly what I was looking for… While attempting to implement Django Autocomplete Light within my Django admin, I encountered the following error: select2.full.js:491 Select2: An instance of jQuery or a jQuery-compatible library was not found. Make […]

Kill Port Process on Synology Diskstation (Linux)

Every now and again, my Django server will time out, but when attempting to restart I’m faced with the following error: Error: That port is already in use. Most solutions out there – such as using the fuser command – were of no help as Synology’s OS is pretty vanilla. I was able to find […]

Setting Up a Python 3 Django Development Site on Synology Diskstation

Today I’m going to focus on getting a Django site up and running (for development only) on your Synology Diskstation. I’ll be doing this with a Virtual Environment as well as requirements.txt file for package installation, as I do with all my Python projects. Pre-Requisites This tutorial is for users who have already setup SSH […]

Santa Claus According to George Hinke

Every December for as long as I can remember, we’d eagerly retrieve our Christmas decorations from their long-boxed-up slumber. Probably the most prized of which were our Santa Claus dinner placemats, which depicted various scenes of St. Nick, Mrs. Claus, elves and reindeer all prepping for their Yuletide escapades. A little internet sleuthing revealed that […]

Nate Silver

One thing that I’ve really grown to enjoy as a (relatively) young professional is the opportunity to hear successful professionals speak. In college, we would often have the opportunity to hear authors, publishers, professors and activists come and speak through what was called the “Major Speaker Series.” As a web developer in NOVA, we had […]