Charles in Charge: Actual Mobile Testing with Charles Proxy

There are several decent mobile testing services out there. One that I’ve used significantly is Browserstack, which indeed is pretty good. Still, in my experience, nothing beats testing your site on an actual mobile device. Further, though anyone with an internet connection can access a public site on their phone, if you have to access something on your […]

Final onDatesChange with React-Dates

React-Dates is a pretty awesome date-picker library for React built by the developers over at Air BNB. It works well and it’s fairly customizable, so I recommend you check it out if you’re looking for a React datepicker. Our Desired Functionality: One issue we encountered – or rather desired functionality that wasn’t baked in and […]

1472 Days

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. 1472 days, to be exact. Gosh, I was just a newbie at U.S. News & World Report. So much has happened in that time… Four years. Three redesigns. Two bosses. One (old and outdated) WordPress site. Oh, and I got married too. That’s kinda big, I’d be […]

star dot ico

It’s a tiny, seemingly insignificant, sixteen by sixteen pixel image. But let’s be honest: it’s the first thing site visitors will notice when your site loads, and the only thing that will differentiate you from pretty much every other Bluehost WordPress site out there. And with how so very simple it is to change, let’s […]