RE: Reply All

April 26, 2013, 2:53 p.m.
Since it's Friday, figured I'd repost an oldie but goodie: This past Friday some unfortunate employee accidentally sent an e-mail to the wrong distribution list. Not all that uncommon really, except that this particular list was comprised of 800 employees, including the television talent. Even then the damage should have been minimal. Until the reply-all’s began. “Why am I on this list?”, “Please remove me from this thread” the wildfire began, the senders either too hasty or ignorant to realize that every response would only exacerbate the situation and be forwarded to hundreds of other employees. How they didn't realize this is beyond me, but it was totally awesome. We spent the next half-hour watching the responses roll in. Some ballsy employees even began to chime in: “GO BILLS!”, “So who does everybody like in Rays-Rangers tonight?”. I can now honestly say in one day I received e-mails from Jay Harris, Scott Van Pelt and Michelle Beadle. But how was your Friday? Alas, all good things must end. John Skipper laid the hammer down with a thunderous cease and desist e-mail. Six replies later, that was that. My favorite of the afternoon? ‘What a great way to close out the week! I love EMAIL.’